The riders we once were

Its two in the morning 
on the dark side of the moon. 
Lunar landscape zooms past so fast.

Time here goes slow 
In the safety of a cocoon
and dreams come vivid. 
Colours glow in a world of darkness. 
Sureness a gift of the truly stupid. 
If we knew the truth 
we would cascade like lemmings

Zooming on the back lanes of memory,
two up and going for broke, 
the riders we once were 
no fear of death 
cause death was for the old 
not gods as bold as us, 
ashes to dust, dust to ashes. 
Wearing knee gashes like proud badges.

The ship comes round 
in a burst of blue light, 
morning dawns bright 
across the dry rocks and canyons 
of my lunar watch. 

A hidden rider
Deep in space 
thinking about lanes flown at pace, 
a race among the riders we once were 
remembered from a refuge
of safe stars.

© Dave Kavanagh @

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