What I want to say is.


I want to forget myself in you
and all the days I didn’t like you
let them go into the soft air

To remember the hurt and fear
of all the days you didn’t like me
with deep dread and despair

But now that still above all of it 
our love was always there and always strong

I want to look into you eyes
and not see the doubt and compromise
not see the thin disguise 
that held together the ties that bind

But see only eyes both dear and kind
that smile through all the tears 
and all the years we have shared

I want to look at you and see my life 
reflected in our years together
to see your perfection and deep affection

To see when we are old 
still a girl of sixteen 
who ignited dreams in a boys heart

To know then
if I was asked 
that I would start again
But only if it was with you

© Dave Kavanagh

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