The Silence of Morning

Daybreak and the band tune up. 
A stray fox yaps from below the hedge, 
a cheeky pup.

The reeds and wind woods start slow, 
low and steady warblers weave and worry.

Flutes and pipe from the meadow 
larks and snipes lying low and singing high 
in blue sky.

The black bird carries the strings alone 
as he sings with perfect tone 
a symphony of one.

Then the brass from the grass 
finches and sparrows who brazenly argue 
from boughs of thorn and crab apple.

In the barn the cows introduce the horns 
as they low at the gate, waiting for out 
to sun and green grass. 

The drums beat low in throats 
of frogs and a corncrake awake along the ditch.

Sun is up and I am awake but yawning 
in the loud silence of morning.

© Dave Kavanagh @

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