Wise words spoken by fools

Laura didn’t need to be told 
time heals all wounds. 
She didn’t need to know 
that her heart 
would become a calloused vee 
where James used to be. 

Life lessons come with living,
unforgiving bitches that trap you 
in lanes of grief and need 
and pontificate about desire and greed.
Words that insult and ensnare 
that insinuate and dismay 
and make no damn sense anyway. 

Waste not! What the fuck?
but better to have to much!

he who hesitates! will sit side by side 
with the fool who decides in haste. 
Both too early and too damn late. 

What does it all mean anyway
A waste of wise words 
all for early birds and dead worms. 
spoken by fools with woollen tongues.
And as for plenty of fish. Pass on that bitch.


Laura didn’t need to know 
that time hardened broken hearts.
she needed just to fall apart
But the idiots told her anyway.

“you’ll be ok” they say

Please just go away.

© Dave Kavanagh @ daithiocaomanaigh.com

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