Twenty two miles

Twenty Two Miles

She travelled twenty two miles 
to that view, the sight 
on her last night. 
Why does a broken mind care, 
but there it is because care she did

Red and green airport lights. 
What solace did she find 
in blind lights guiding planes down. 
Did she think they would bring her 
                                                 safetly to ground.

Before sirens pulsed blue energy
she looked straight at me 
across an eternity of ten yards 
                                                    and six floors. 
Standing on the edge of the world
so close an yet a thousand mile to eternity 
                                                    from me and safety. 

She stamped her face in sad eyes and
below the cries of startled voices
but she made no sound tumbling down. 

I hear the wind in her ears 
and the beating of a dead heart 
as I fall 
                               knowing nothing then of
Ben and Jenny 
waiting at home for poor poor
Mammy wet now and dead 
twenty two miles 
from Ben and Jennys beds. 
Twenty two miles 
of regret trying to forget life in a cacophony
of red and green. 
                       And all I see is blue and blurred 
through an ocean of tears.

© Dave Kavanagh @

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