The comfort of thorns

Wrapped in the comfort of thorns
no more shelter in this thicket borne

Fingers that probe and stroke and sooth
while vicious dalks pierce you loving fools

Ripping flesh and rending clothes
firethorn live where comfort grows

Held cruel and fast in barbed grips
Where love flows and blood drips

© Dave Kavanagh

Dalk is a local word for a thorn. It was in use commonly  in the victorian era. Gertrude Jykel the famous gardener refers to a gilly killed by a dalk in her book of gardening. The word is still used in yhe region of Fingal on Irelands east cost

Firethorn is the common name for Pyrachantha a cruelly thorned garden shrub

Of course the write has little to do with Dalks or thorns.

© Dave Kavanagh @

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