Lefkara. (A dream of Heaven)



We land like eagles amidst a summer downpour and a storm of swallow wings.

Warm golden stone washed and shining in the aftermath of rain.

Clouds clear to an open sky and the swallows rise again and fly to hunt the swarms of evening midges darting in flame flushed mountain twilight.

We find a sanctuary amidst the narrow twisted alleyways, a balcony beneath the early stars and peaks that float above the soft mist of height and heat.

The energising aroma of roasting coffee and sweet pastry come now to refresh weary travellers who come in search of life and delicate lace in this heavenly place.

A vista of red tiled roofs drops below and rises above, homes perched on ledges impossible for flatlanders to believe. Yet  here they survive and thrive in the low cloud and crisp chill air of Lefkara.

Christian and Marie join us for expresso, coffee strong and rich. Marie shyly shows her wares as her husband weighs our worth.

He will set prices just above what he believes we will pay. Here haggling is the way.

With bargains fought for and contracts made. A treasure of lace for lowly prices paid, we leave the glory of heaven

The road down twists and turns
as the slow glory of the setting sun finally flares and burns out below a line of black, blue and burgundy.

The car crunches over golden sandstone each bend a poem of plunging down sheer from here to death.

And yet we drive happy for this fleeting evening had in the dream of Lefkara.

© Dave Kavanagh @ daithiocaomanaigh.com

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