The mist is dead and cold

what lay nbeyond the mist

The lamppost is safety lad, the mist is dead and cold.
The lamppost is salvation, mist damnation of the soul.
The Lamp shines bright, the mist dead white and cold.
Stay by the lamppost in fear lad, of what the mist may hold.

The trees are dead and skeletal, the mist alive and bright.
The trees warn you away lad from the harm of misty night.
The trees conspire to save your life and keep you to the light.
Mind well the trees they beg you please stay within their sight.

Avoid the path from lamp to lamp least you wind up dead.
For the mist falls heavy on the road, you will be misled.
Lost and weak within its folds are demons you need dread.
Stay by the lamp this night my lad forget going to your bed.

©Dave Kavanagh 2016

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