Gifts across the void

I imagine you are scared.
Just as we were.
I left you a gift.
A list of items here to find,
these emblems of our
dying time.

I have picked the best
I could get
Before the bombs hit.
Before the rockets
leave this dying place
for some unknown space,
leaving no trace of us
but this black box.

The first
a Swiss army knife,
a simple device
and yet so complex
with uses that
the greatest minds
have not as yet define

Then a Rubix cube,
simply the greatest
waste of free time
ever designed
I gift it to you
so you too can be vexed

Third a copy of
a simple song.
Feed The World.
That shows people
once cared.
Look it up in the archives
if they survived.
You will be surprised
at how the world once joined.

A simple photograph is last.
A man a woman and a child
the best reason we had to survive,
a portrait of a family,
just these three.
My boy, my wife, and me.

These Items I leave locked,
in the digitised memory
of this black box.
I pack it in haste
as I fearfully wait
to evacuate.
My hope is that
those who are left
will again rise
and find this gift.
Across the rift
of space and time
and so record
us in our dying.

But hush now
I have to run,
I hear them come.
Hear the orders
they shout
Goodbye old world.

Over and out

© Dave Kavanagh @

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