What do you see


 i am Syria

 when you look at me

what do you see?

 my skin?

Its darker hue

why does that frighten

and repulse you?

do you fear my beliefs,

my brotherhood?

do you think I scheme

for only my own good?

 do you see a threat

to your way of living,

do you despise me

for what I’ve been given?


i was once a soldier

what do you see

when you glance my way?

am I old in your eyes,

do you see decay?

do you see me as

just another burden

a drain on a world

already hurting ?

you don’t see a man

who’s paid his dues?

you see just a figure

to ridicule and abuse.

you see a man past a life of use


 i am Downs Syndrome

 but what do you see

when you look here?

someone for you to

exclude and fear?

i am not

so different to you

my body and mind

feel pain too

 dont turn your back

and walk away

please stay a while

i have lots to say.


i am your brother.

so when you look at me,

stare into my eyes.

see a soul and a mind

see the friend I could be

don’t hate the difference

that you see.

open your eyes

to possibility.

See reality.

please see me.

©Dave Kavanagh February 2014

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