Images that became 
indelible reflections 
written in the ink 
of time and life 
that play now 
your story
told behind closed eyes.

Dust from ancient 
exploding nova’s
blown on winds 
of cosmic chance. 
passing through each
to became some other 
on a journey to infinity.

Sounds of laughter 
bouncing of heartbreak 
and remembered mirth
reverberating through 
fingertips grasping air 
from frozen mountain tops 
and sun-warmed beaches.
and outer reaches 
of loss

Love that was 
and will forever be
days of pain and joy 
that fill and squeeze 
the broken zones 
and fragments
residing in 
the largest quarter 
of my heart. 

Scents carried 
on bluster and breeze
carried on gusts and wafts 
from Artic and Sahara 
and regions of 
a seeking heart
blown on streams 
of tears 
and broken promises 
that flood and overcome 
the weakness that is I.

Moments falling  
between sleeping and waking
a touch soft 
sweet, summer air brushing 
my somnambulant soul
unmistakably you 
reaching out forever
from the wasteland 
of regret.

© Dave Kavanagh 2016

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