It has to stop


I was scared
You held my hand
But then the water came
I lost you
You were gone
And in the noise I called
But you didnt come
You musnt have heard me
I got cold then
And I was all alone
Im sorry. I cried.
I didnt mean to.
Im not so brave. But I tried
Then I was flying.
Really flying. In the water
Like a bird, not a fish
I still missed you
But I wasnt afraid anymore
I was good Mammy
I was brave in the end
Im sorry Mammy
I didnt mean
To let go of your hand.

Dave Kavanagh September 2015

How many more babies will we drown, how many more children lost to the sea in sight of land while we argue semantics. I wrote this when the body of Aylan washed up in September but today eleven more children, innocents, lay face up in the Mediterranean sea. I am heartbroken for their loss

4 thoughts on “It has to stop

  1. This made me cry, as did the original photo. Sadly, those who live are still suffering. So many migrant teenage boys are somewhere in Europe, trying to biuld a life alone. It breaks my heart. My country is heartless in not taking them in.


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