Goodbye Apartment 16A

You became familial and familiar
home from home as we roam
Twelve nights and thirteen days.
a lifetime in a holiday
of sand and sun and family fun

Witness to our  drunken coming
and now our sad and sober leaving
a small part of me is gently grieving,
another fragment abandoned on a foreign shore,
behind your bright door,

Hangover sanctuary sunshine and shade
through wooden slats, happy days
beyond the confines of a bedroom
and a tiny lounge of diminutive size. Views of blue skies.

self catering meant no catering
but still I took the cheese grater
from the kitchenette so not to forget
the homeliness you offered with open arms
during twelve nights and thirteen days.

Am I the only one who feels sad when leaving behind the dust of a holiday. The feeling of abandoning a place where I felt happiness and my family felt secure and loved.

© Dave Kavanagh @

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