Poetry Saves The World

Drum roll please.

Poetry save the world


If we set the Iliad to rap

sparked it up a bit

if we had Rhianna and Shady duet.

It would be a hit.


If the A&R men recorded it

and the radio put it on rotation

played it on every station

it would be a hit


The kids would all be humming it

the hipsters would be strumming it

the world would then improve a bit

it would be a hit.


Then the kids would learn the words of it

would sing it every day a bit

and bit by bit they’d understand it

it would be a hit.


Shady and Rhianna would be laureates

poetry would be cool a bit

the world would be saved by it

if The Iliad was a hit.


©Dave Kavanagh 2016




2 thoughts on “Poetry Saves The World

  1. Love this !
    Nice light touch, good message, fun rhymes.

    In a strange way, the Illiad & Odyssey etc. actually ARE pop hits !
    (Still on the charts after several millenia…)


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