Sunlight beats through dusty blinds,
Boredom clouds my probing mind
Fifth year history class a big mistake
So many other subjects to take
I don’t even like history why was I there
I must talk to my teacher about a transfer
First class of a first day in a new year
corridor of darkness from there to here
September to June seems so long
when all you want is to be gone.

And then she walked in, the clock stopped
Time stood still and so did my heart
The cloud cleared to bless her face
Her beauty lighting up the place
At not yet sixteen I was lost to amazing grace
The most beautiful girl in the place
She had no rights but she stole my heart
That’s when serendipity played her part
She looked at me and I saw a light in those eyes
She smiled and then to my surprise
I saw a  future for the rest of my life
I had just met, the first time my future wife.

© Dave Kavanagh @

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