Always you, there but barely
beyond the direct line of sight
a shade inhabiting the dark night
shadows that waver and shimmer.
Ghosts of everyone who laid me down,
who stretched me out on the ground
who clawed my eyes with grasping nails
and ripped my skin, your words echo
still and always will,

The sweet promises you made
and the malicious lies
the first promise in hello
and the final bitterness of goodbye.
The tears that we forever cry
You haunt my waking and my dreaming,
Between my day and my night you waver
just out of sight, always out of favour
you who were once friends, family almost,

You ghosts, who turned away,
you ghosts who sold all you had
for thirty pieces of stinking brass.
You have been there  at the edge of vision,
on the cusp of senses, at the limit of hearing,
tearing, ripping memories of betrayal
I need to put you down now,
cast you from me and all I am,
to forget and to forgive myself at least
for all the harm you did.

© Dave Kavanagh @

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