Muzzy Bear


This bear has known great sadness,
he is ragged and half blind,
neglected in the darkness,
he needs an owner fair and kind.
So I gift him to you sweetheart
not to own but please to mind.
this bear he is a Muzzy Bear
the last one of his kind.

Once he was a sultans bear
in a kingdom far away,
living in a castle
above a deep blue bay,
but he was stolen by a pirate
who carried him away
in hope that he could ransom him
but the Sultan refused to pay.

So the Muzzy bear lost his heart,
then no longer loved.
Abandoned before the tide
in a rocky cove,
swept into the deep
and then washed up on this shore
a bear that is unloved,
heart sad and heart sore.

I found him on my walk.
Saw the sadness in one eye,
so I took him home and washed him,
I sat him out to dry,
then in the night
I heard what sounded like a sigh,
I snuck down to the porch
and heard a Muzzy Bear’s soft cry.

For the kindness I had shown him
restored his life in kind,
now I give him to you sweetheart
not to keep but just to mind.
To love him and to hold him,
to show him that you care,
for only love will bring back life
to this tattered Muzzy Bear.

© Dave Kavanagh @

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