Denim and Cotton

She is floating into focus,
a dream of once upon a time,
fantasy in denim and cotton.
My dream of all country woman.

Sun-bleached golden blonde
and tanned.
She was forever my safe harbour,
my retreat to calmer waters.

She was everything you were not,
you were city born and city hard,
I needed soft, but never you.
I needed words and songs to heal.
someone to hear my screaming voice,
to hear the story I wanted to tell,
the poetry of a child’s heart.

Never you.
You were
whiplash loud,
voice to cut
to flay living skin,
mean sober
and meaner drunk.
You were
wasted life
and wasted love.
You were pain and hurt,
you were blood and hugs,
to often sorry
to many goodbyes

She was my retreat, love found
In a vision of denim and cotton

© Dave Kavanagh @

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