A Chance Meeting

I came for oxygen and I found you

Wind blew, hard and harsh off the bow,

releasing a stench of smoke and sea,

the stink of tobacco, far worse,


from ether you appeared

was some door there?

Smoke and sea melted

You stole it all

Only your perfume

On the musky air

Wind abated with care   

velvet kisses, dropped

on my collar


diamonds for you.


I feel hands brush

In the forward rush

We meet, a moment  

An embrace

In the crush


As the crowd rush to reclaim the land.

The lights of Holyhead twinkled like stars

Our very own galaxy spun from the mist

you stand by the rail, pale and beautiful

did you register a stranger their?

chance meeting, still I have kissed you

Have held you close, felt your breath

your heart beating fast through silk

I never even came to know your name  

The announcer breaks the spell

The boat to dock in five minutes

Back to the heaving hell of boat

and descending stairwell, farewell



© Dave Kavanagh 2016





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