Pieces of Me

There are pieces of me scattered carelessly,
across the land and too the sea.
So many
Pieces of me.

In the soil that stole my strength,
that broke my back and left me ruined
hands numb and jaws slack
Pieces of me

In the love that choked my heart,
tormented me, drew me apart
so that I ripped it from my chest
and gave it to the sea.
Pieces of me

In the family that set me aside,
a black sheep, an errant child,
lost in yearning and in days
all broken on the trying and the crying
Pieces of me

My youth flittered on their needs,
trying so very hard to please,
all the pushing and all the pulling
that didn’t stand in my defence.
Pieces of me.

Years thrown into the empty sea,
no one to see the gaping hole in me,
just wanting to be seen,
just once to be told,
that there was value in my trying.
Pieces of me.

Now only bits remain,
the striving and the pain,
the dark has come again, to light the way
how clearly I can see,
how the end will be.
Pieces of me


© Dave Kavanagh 2016

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