Who Are You

I wrote this rather awful piece in February 2014 when my son was hitting his teenage years which we faced with trepidation. It is a poem in two parts where father speaks to son first and then in the second part son speaks to father but as you can see it is not a dialogue just two monologues. I suppose it was a foreshadow of things to come (;)


Who are you child?.

Who are you?

no longer my child

Out on the city streets

Running wild.

My kid with the cheeky smile

is gone now and left you behind

just another dark resentful child.

Teen years will come and go,

we will learn to bend and bow

what I say now will make us or break us

so I bite my tongue and leave you free

and hope in time you will return to me.


I cant hear you.

I can’t hear you

We’re too far apart.

Conversation too hard to finish

So best not to start.

My mind is a sponge

Yours is restricted and closed

I am young, you are old.

I can’t hear you your words are hollow

The things you tell me.

All too hard to swallow

So leave me be, set me free

Let me run wild

Just let me be ME.


© Dave Kavanagh 2014

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