The Sailors Lament

I wrote this poem in mid 2014, it is written in the voice of a dead sailor singing to his new love the sea.
Only in the last stanza does he speak to his wife to wish her farewell. Haling from a seaside town I have had first-hand experience of life lost at sea indeed members of my extended family are included in the list of those lost.

The Sailors Lament

Oh my love so dark and wild
you moody bold precocious child
my lass of unrelenting wiles
mistress of ever changing styles

You raise me up then plunge me down
embrace me in sweet loving arms
you break my heart with careless frowns
then tie me down with lethal charms

You break yourself upon the land
with rage that is a force to fear
in anger and fury raging wild
you spend your wrath on cliff and pier

come lay me down on your cold bed
I wait for your sweet embrace
your rising I no longer dread
your feathered kiss on my dead face

Your siren song is bliss to me
your airs and moods no mystery
before your anger, brave men flee
but I lie with you my queen, the sea.

You who cry from forlorn shore
my lover in another life.
On this earth I walk no more
goodbye my love my darling wife.


© Dave Kavanagh 2014


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