End Of Days


End of days


Once, before the world went mad

sirens would sound and sun would drop

and men came slowly home.

walking cobbled walks and ways


From factory, foundry or farm they came

to terraced house or thatched cottage

wife and waifs waiting with the woes of a day

then lantern quenched, candle snuffed, To bed


In a world that was simple and understood

where man and beast and babe

lived in order and knew how things would be.

children grew in expectation


Babes believed there world would be the same

lads would follow the well-worn path

and lasses would wed or stay home.

we trained them well, each to fill these roles


To be like all that came before

but then the revolution came

and the world revolved

roles reversed, some things were lost


As a changing world moved on

some lost their way in this brave new dawn.

now when klaxons sound at end of day

clock count down, both men and woman

journey home


Dads that fill a carers role

by choice of not, are gifted love and light

while Mums have lost much

so step into the light


The world is a different place

the war of sexes has been won

and in the end the victors it seems

have lost so much to gain their dreams


And those who lost, lost nought at all


©Dave Kavanagh 2014


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