Tell It To The Sea.

Secrets fall silently from your mouth;
falling to the shush and hush of sea and sand,
Worlds of pain drip from trembling lips,
cast out forever from the dry hopelessness of land,

That mildly and softly, your weary words dissolve,
and only the tern and busy breeze hears
words forged in heart released into the sea,
salty as the sting of tears

Trap within the stifled screams of terrors
delivered only death into the deep
whisper but softly, tell it to the sea
in the knowledge that your secrets she will keep.

Scribble of your harried heart my love
trust into the care of satin silver sands,
carve deep the desperate desolation there
as you feel the scribing leave your frozen hands

Scratch it on the flatness of grey stones
then count the skips, as it swiftly sails
to sink below the ripples of the world,
carried on the breath of fierce sea gales

Tuck it safely into the soft folding of a wish,
write it on a sliver of your softest breath,
then set it to sail on currents still unknown  
to float in sea until it finds its death,

So tell her of those dazzling dreams you dared,
and of the dashing death of them as well,
toss it all across the rolling brume
to be lost in darkest depth of thunderous swell  

On silent kisses spoken to the wind    
your soul freed into the emptiness of the bay,
carried high on drafts of drifting air  
to the water, there to wash it all away,

Love lost in depths of crashing wind and wave
send me on the sea a lovers kiss
hidden in the magnitude of tides.
Where I am lost within the dark abys,

Float kisses in bottles made of dreams,
to find no love but search forever in the sea
into the current and the warmer streams
so hope will float out to eternity

No messages to send to distant shores
just whispers cast out from the  lee
no cry for love or call then for succour
just a nothingness you whisper to the sea.

And the emptiness of it all you send to me.

© Dave Kavanagh

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