Natures Children

Skipping hither and thither
she laughs,
Clear crystal water, ice melt cascading over rocks,
it echoes over thawing ground
and in her presence joy abounds.
Her feet pass and in their wake new grass.
fresh and green with hosts of
flowers in meadows wild,
she is Aurora
springs winsome child.
Her voice is the warming breeze
her smile the early sun.

But on the slopes
her love is seen
Gregerio the wild,
frozen winters child.
His touch is ice, pure and clear
and where he threads frost sing aglow
and crystal fractal fill the air
sparkle in his grey tinged hair.
His touch is chill
his voice the scything gale,
his laughter the force of pelting hale. Lakes of frozen sheets
form beneath his passing feet.

Look now below,
Aurora his beloved
his heart reaches for her
but even as they almost join,
as their natural powers  combine,
she grows strong and he declines
so he must retreats
before her rushing feet,
north ever north until at last
she is stayed
and he retreats to winter waste.

Until she ages through the year,
Gregerio is exiled here
until the shortening of days
then strength flows in the other way
nights power returns to the land
he can again persue her hand.
But as always it will be in vain
for his kiss to her is sickness and pain
and so the lovers will never join.
So close their bated breath combined.
That fates and life will be so unkind.
These children grown to man and dame
Will forever be the same
Forced apart by natures hand
Lovers destined to persue each other across the trackless land.

© Dave Kavanagh @

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