She is

She is

divine and delicious,

prim and so pristinely proper

pursed lips, luscious

unassailable, hips delicious

mind and legs forever closed,

a thorn in place of a rose

hell denied, heaven sent

oblivious to my intent.


She is

the sum of

buds unfurled

blousy blossoms denied

books unopened

amorous adventures averted

and tales untold

the tragedy of titular days unlived

ideas arrested and untested.


She is

the suppression of love

in the face of desire

words sullenly silenced,

on loves lilaceous  lips

a thought unspoken

and so beauty broken

She is indoctrination

and conditioning

a prisioner of perdition.


She is

a decision made

to be.

But not to see

And not to care.

The disputer of facts

And denier of evidence

blind and beautiful

nose held higher than sky.

clothes just so,


She is

A closed mind

trapped and trembling

In the perfectly formed body

recoiling from

the touch of my hand


© Dave Kavanagh 2016


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