What a waste it would be 
to live ordinary 
to never shake 
the trembling tree of lunacy, 
or dare to step out of time, 
and in doing to swear faith to fortune.
To cry and laugh 
when emotion moves you,
to walk in shoes 
too loose or too tight, 
and to feel they are just right. 

To look on dirt and see the womb,
and in the grain to see the bread,
and choose  to thread heavily 
on the road to perdition and see a challenge not a destination.
To laugh in the face of reason 
and think it no sin, 
and no degree of treason, 
to speak the words on others lips,
and fend in return, the niks and nips of their tongues, 

to challenge rights that are wrong
and rail against the wrongs un-righted. 
To live and to be, 
in every way, 
nothing less than extraordinary.

© Dave Kavanagh @ daithiocaomanaigh.com

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