Already Gone

glenn frey


Sipping Jamison and smoking pot
ballads and Country Rock
a thousand hours already on the clock

Voice killing me the country way
in ancient deserts and on far highways
smooth sounds of slide guitar
Walsh and Felder going hard
and your voice telling it like it is

The man who made cowboys cool
Takin it easy, no man’s fool,
words and voice to hypnotise
singing it so tight and high
Frey and Henley harmonise
the heartache and the lies
the joy and the pain
and those sweet refrains.
Dark lies and white truths
all told in that country tone
your voice the soundtrack of my youth.

So know that heroes never die
your name writ big in southern sky.
Your music will refuse to die
I listen now with my own boy.
Music goes beyond the grave
Tequila Sunrise made me brave
dead is hard to believe when
You can check out anytime you like
but you can never leave.

RIP To the legend that was Glenn Frey

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