Spring is coming

Springs sun has risen to wipe winters face away.

I can feel it deep down in brittle bones,

and in the scuffle and scurry of small crawling creatures

the movement of mice and the ticking of tocks

and in the darker demons of my winter weary  soul.


The stock and store of corpulence, cringing against the light,

creeping fetid flesh and dust of sloth, slinking from the sun

retreating and retiring to the darkened depths and chilly corners,

almost accepting now the coming of both cloth and clean

but still shrinking, shyly fearful of the brand-new broom of spring.


And I am winter weary of the desolate days of cold.

Craving and coveting the heat and hues of longer days

with sinners soul famished for the coming change

I kiss cold chilled winters lifeless lips goodnight.

And welcome spring sun, a lost lover now returned

Practicing the use of Assonance and Consonance

And praying spring will come soon 🙂

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