We All Fall Down

The only certainty is ?
Well fuck that for now,
That bit of living aint
worth learning anyhow
lets assume, for now life
is an option somehow.

How to live in a world,
where truth is fiction
and the poor are the victims.
Where dishonesty filters down,
washing the shit and grime,
from the towering doyens
and flushes it on the heads
of the plebs.

How to survive? 
be a doyen of course
but sorry son cause
all those positions are reserved.
Hereditary titles
passed down with money
and privilege.

Get a job?
work your way up?
no use son,
You’re fucked.
They own you,
you work in their factories,
read their newspapers,
buy from their stores,
You are just a pawn

you are farmed
to insure they survive,
the little people are expendable
The wealthy thrive
The rich live
The poor die
In war,
in life.
Thats how the land lies.

They hold out
the illusion of fairness,
sure you can grow wealthy,
get lucky,
win the lottery,
patent the next Velcro,
make a million, or a billion

but it won’t last,
because only their money
is recycled,
washed in your sweat
and your blood,
your money will be spent,
will be sent
back to the source
Them of course

and it will not returned
with capital built
interest earned.
So the truth is
you live and you die
and leave little in-between.
but truth and lies
so live like a fanatic,
hunger for it
and cherish every moment,
don’t roll over, don’t play dead

Because the truth is,
like Domino says
We all fall down.
(Like toy soldiers)
So take what you can
Take the earth and crave the sky
Because the only certainty is,
we all die.

© Dave Kavanagh @ daithiocaomanaigh.com

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