The Education of a Horse Man

Mad wild eyed skittish horse
A whip of a three year old colt.
Bet in to the mart wall, shaking
hard work to get a hold

“He’s to much blood
and not enough bone.
see him turn and twist
hard neck and  body thrown”

“Mind now those dancing legs,
duck from wild flailing feet.
Leave him run to hell now
as his wild heart beats”

A short white snipe on a
a snorting twitching nose,
“he will be a walking bastard
to bruise your feet and toes”

Held at last hard and strong
by neck and shit caked tail,
four strong knees pushing  hard
against a cold steel mart rail.

“Sure hands now lad
do it quick  get it done
win this first hard fight
so its the only one”

Slip at last firm in place
over neck and nose, buckle done,
now a youngster’s education
can begin by slow turns

The daily pleasure
and the daily pain,
every heart-breaking loss
and every hard won gain,

“Work slow to gentle him
with firm hand and heart.
Build slowly strength
and lasting trust impart”

“Never break that spirit,
young horse free and wild
don’t treat him harsh
he is no errant child”

“But stay constant
and gain a little every day.
He’ll learn quick work
from easy play”

“Work to make of him
a useful horse,
to work hunting field
or jump a course”

“And treat him right lad
be never rude or coarse,
still that heavy hand
or you’ll spoil this horse”

“So slow and easy,
light and loose,
will bring him to
a life of use”

© Dave Kavanagh @

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