BYE BYE Babies

It wasn’t fair, they sold him a lie,
a dream of a life worth living,
work hard and chase your dreams,
they said, keep your nose clean,
keep fucking giving

Instead he inherited
a world of pain.
No reward for enterprise,
no fucking surprise,
eight to six of your own sweat
buys you ulcers and debt.
Fuck that shit.

Small guys muscled out,
no damn clout
and no room for his trade,
cant make the grade,
move along guy, bye bye.
Bank interest sky high.
Do or die

Well do didn’t happen
so die it is.
A bullet?
Or drink and pills?
Fuck don’t let the kids find him.
they seen enough.
Get out boy you aint the right stuff.

Head fit to bust,
ashes to ashes
dust to dust, no more failure
no more lies.
Looks at the picture,
kisses them goodbye.
Bang bang babies.
Dreams die
and light drifts from his eyes

© Dave Kavanagh @

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