David in Disguise.

Green light filters through
fluttering leaves
of ancient apple trees.
Dappled sunlight dancing,
flashing like pennies
spilt from heaven,
jangling on the fizz and bang
of august heat,
autumn peeking
summer in slow retreat.
A black cat yawns
and stretches velvet paws
on the windowsill
green paint flaked and peeling.

I am a summer bored,
eight year old,
with mischief in sullen eyes
David in disguise.
A slingshot in my fist,
the cat became Goliath,
The battle would decide
who would reside
over the concrete strip of heat
between pebbledash
and long grass.

And then she stepped out,
she didn’t shout
just stared and pouted,
her eyes blazing and blessed,
enough to arrest the fight.
The battle for the valley of Elah
would remain uncontested,
the cat yawned again

© Dave Kavanagh @ daithiocaomanaigh.com

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