For a moment in history,
it was all ping pong
and kaboom,
batman and flash
ruled the globe,
and bickered over the moon.

The button was
the new god
and the temple
was dark and ominous
The bomb the purging rod.

The future looked like
a heaving dark
growing mushroom
expanding from
horizon to horizon.
Consuming, drawing down
Expanding gloom

pushing the scything winds
and flesh melting heat ahead.
The promise of a winter
darkness and ice,
Everything dead
Earth denuded
Life all but wiped out
roaches and spiders excluded.

Now they play Russian roulette
and the players are
Sam Spade and the Ice Man
They swap bet for bet
And so no deterrents needed yet.

But in the wings
the successors of
batman and flash wait
the new king in
pinstripe and
woven head dress
Stand at the starting gate

ready to flick the switch,
Ban the Muslims, Mexicans,
Martians and Mutants
Push the button,
bang the intern,
push her white
Anglo Saxon buttons.
The temple of
the mushroom looms again.
The dance re-joined.
Its about to begin.

© Dave Kavanagh @

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