The Journey

So the dream of life begins,
a fall, headlong into drifting tides.
The journey on a sea uncharted,
propelled by the knowledge of ancient mariners, set adrift now away from the comfort of my safe harbour, torn from home and all I have ever known.

Gone are the moons and suns,
the glow of flickering stars in a universe where I formed the centre with all else in soothing hypnotic orbit,
where everything was seen and understood.
Needs assuaged, the giving that came freely without asking or knowing that need existed
a world that swaddled me
in the comfort of arms of warm flesh and glowing heat, pillowing my head with wafts of flow and drift, eddies from extremities unseen but known

The journey from infinity,
where each memory and instinct
comes easy and unbidden
from the well of instinctive knowing that guides the wayfarer,
eternity recorded in the glowing and pulsing lights of the distant walls of space, twinkling north star of my ocean home.

The stories of life flicker along the synaptic spikes of knowing and not knowing,
stars and beams of light joining all in an unending chain,
drawing me
from warm to cold,
light to dark,
all knowing to not knowing,
all forgotten then as I arrive.
Now I come to fill your world,
to arrive ignorant and naked
from a state of perfection,
I emerge loud and lost, to become your everything.

© Dave Kavanagh @

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