I never ran with bulls to be afraid
Was never in NYC for the St Patrick day parade,
never went to Calgary to watch the wild stampede.
So many places that I have never been.

Never drove around Le Mon in a fast car.
I never drank a gin sling in raffles cocktail bar.
In fact I’ve never even been to Singapore at all.

Never jumped from an aeroplane in freefall
Never walked in wonder on the great wall.
Or perused the world of books in Trinity’s Longhall.
So many things I haven’t done at all.

Never paddled a canoe on the Amazon,
never sat by Lake Victoria until the sun went down.
Never saw the Coliseum or the Parthenon.

Never saw the Aurora light up the northern sky
Never rode an elephant in Mumbai
So many things to do before I die.

Feel free to add to the list. Things you have never done

© Dave Kavanagh @

2 thoughts on “Never

  1. Well the only things I have done on your list are see the Coliseum and the Parthenon, so I guess I have quite a few things to get through. But seriously I’ve done a hell of a lot of travelling as I worked as a reporter for the BBC, which I write about in my blog so there’s not many places I want to go to. My big wish is for my writing career – which collapsed due to my cocaine, alcohol and shopping addiction to be resurrected. And as I’ve suddenly had so many readers on my blog I’m hoping this will be the year that happens!


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