The Story of The Hollow Moon

A childs bedtime story

“Why is the moon hollow”? I asked.

She gazed away then, a whimsical look in her eyes, into the great distance, towards the twilit sky.

Then she smiled and said.

“When the gods made the world child, when the task was nearly done,
they needed a place to store joy,
so they made the shining sun”.

Then her eyes softened as she continued.

“The gods then said.
The sun holds joy,
what of love?
We needed a place for her beauty,

so then they forged the moon
and placed it
in the sky above”.

“And Dana was appointed
the ruler of all joy,
to  ride the golden sun
across the daytime sky”

“Morghana shielded love
In the dark on high
protecting loving hearts
from her fortress in the sky”.

Then she looked at me and shook her head sadly as she said.

But joy leads to pain child
Dana took suffering to the fire
And burned it there
in his glowing pyre.
Love also ends child
In tears and great sorrow
Morghanna stores it inside the moon,
And that is why it’s hollow.

Then she tucked me in and said no more, just switched out the light and gently closed the door.

© Dave Kavanagh @

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