Poems for Fools and Old Fogies.

A love of words
structure and sound
Rolling and racing
Humming and hemming, 
Lolling and lyrically lilting.
It will gets you so far, 
get you addicted and lost,
tied to the movement, 
to the flow of thought, 
ideas tumbling over notions, 
beset by doubtful similes
and anxiety over mixed metaphors.

To say something new?
or rewrite the words 
of the multimedia poets?
to tap into the collective voice?
or develop new words?
and new ways
to say, 
nothing new.
Because truth is
their is nothing new to say. 

So keep writing I say
poems and stories
for the kind of heart
who offer encouragement
and for fools and old fogies, 
who praise the sun 
for rising in the east.
but know nothing of
an amateur muse
of sea and land and love.
You are doing ok I say
As for me 
I occasionally strike bronze 
but silver and gold 
as yet eludes me.

© Dave Kavanagh @ daithiocaomanaigh.com

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