Mathematics of Love

The mathematics of love will divide but never multiply
Two heart collide above a mean city
Time to test our theory, see why 
Two souls entwined, mores the pity

Love binds divided souls and factored hearts 
But love is prime and dreams divisible
The square of one consumes the parts
And the dreams of both become revisable

Because one dream into one wouldn’t go
So dreams are divided and divided once more
Love with that equation can’t grow
And love minus dreams leaves the answer unsure.

So ensure dreams and love are compatible.
And the division of hearts is fair
Or your sum will end in an answer untenable
So figure your variables before deciding to pair.

Lastly pairs, before you add or multiply
Building equations of whole numbers half done
Stop rushing to conclusions and ask yourself why
Before the sum that you figure reverts back to one.

Its all in the numbers.

© Dave Kavanagh @

3 thoughts on “Mathematics of Love

  1. I loved your use of metaphor of mathematics. Wonderful how your idea that math and love are interlinked is irrefutable. Good write, keep it up!

    Also, visit my blog. I also write poetry and prose 🙂


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