Blood on the moon
Tension draws down tonight
Mick Dempsey busted out
Mad for a gun fight.

Sam’s on the gargle
All day on the jar
Now Dempsey is coming
Sam’ll run fast and far.

He sinks his pint
He is not gonna fight
Slip out the door
A spook in the night

Mist over the quays
Ghostly shaped and ships loom
The hunt is over
Dempsey steps from the gloom

Sam clenched his fists
Stands light on his toes
Dempsey sneers and draws down
Bang. So it goes.

Blood on the moon.
Sam shot in the head
Dempsey back in the ‘Joy
Sam Grim is dead.

Apologise for the Dublinese used in this but it is a Dublin based ballad. Hope it doesn’t grate on sensitive ears. The ‘Joy is Mountjoy Prison.

© Dave Kavanagh @

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