Perfect Grace; (A nod to Madam Cyn)

Grace plays the lady;

Always genteel and correct.

Never flaunts her hunter’s style,

or her killer’s elegance,

she is the perfect predator,

she is perfect Grace.


She plays the gentle paragon

Virtuous and staid

Dresses down and country

In linen or in plaid

she sets no trends or style

she dictates no new tastes.

She stays perfectly respectable

she is perfect Grace.


She is a Grace

a perfect hostess

humble but always

Oh so well informed.

Her claws

She keeps well hidden

Behind her bleached blonde curls

she shows deference.

And respect

She wears the perfect camouflage

She is the perfect huntress

she is perfect Grace.


She is your best

can be your worst

she is an actor

so well versed

a performer and a player

a clown with painted face

She is perfect in her chosen role

she is perfect Grace.


She speaks softly to her callers

with perfect pitch

and perfect  tone

her step a perfect measured pace.

Neither short nor long

She is fluent in decorum;

knows her gaudy chintz

from her fine lace,

her taste  is always perfect

she is perfect Grace.



a debutante no more;

wrinkles blight her aging face,

She uses paint and powder

To cover her disgrace

She uses hash and coke

No rubbish for her boys

Only quality snort and smoke,

And the very best of toys

She is perfectly incredible

she is perfect Grace


She is a darling of the press

the masses and celebs;

Number one madam

they all swarm to Grace’s place,

Judges and Politicos,

come to her craven den

Grace shows no preference

Does either girls or men

The wannabes and

the wealthy

she treats them all as friends

They trust her with their

perfect secrets,

because she is perfect Grace


© Dave Kavanagh @






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