Maybe Jane

Dancing in the surf; she spins and pirouettes,

flared red dress, she is a mess, its only Maybe Jane

it’s crazy Jane. Maybe Jane, A flash of thigh, again.

She waltzes in the shallows, the lovely Maybe Jane.


No one’s child, feral wild, she’s my Maybe Jane

see she grew, into a beauty of the coastal tide.

Mermaid grace and perfect face, so precious never vain

my love and muse, you’re a disgrace, my darling Maybe Jane


Eyes of innocence and passion, Maybe Jane

A lover and an untamed waif, a siren, Maybe Jane

Hair shorn short, and spiking blond, it shines so golden fine

you draw the envy of the sun. My baby Maybe Jane.


Red dress, shoulders bare, I love you Maybe Jane

Golden skin, she lets me in and feeds me sugar cane

Made for sin, a wild play thing, ferocious, Maybe Jane

She leaves my breathless on the shore, untamed Maybe Jane.


Scratched and torn, I still adore her, Maybe Jane

She draws me to the shore again, she dances in the rain

A flash of red in foaming white be careful Maybe Jane

Come home my love, be mine tonight, I love you Maybe Jane


© Dave Kavanagh @




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