Similes and Metaphors


I’m exhausted with similes.

And metaphors.

What is his and what is hers?

For a girl is no more a rose

than a man is briar or stinging burse.


So if your love is beautiful

why not call her such,

for the beauty of a woman is as much

and far outweighs the beauty and softness of the fawn

or the regular and oft disappointing,

coming of the dawn.

Why compare her to Diana of the wood?

when she herself is as fair and good

show her in a mirror,

the value of her face

That it is her and not another

fair and of such grace.


For would you in your poets heart

Claim that it was a writer’s art.

to compare an apple with a spud

and think it just as good.

For both are firm and round

One of the tree, one of the ground

both saved in winter stores to eat

but the apple is the only one that’s sweet.



So praise the apple with your teeth

And potatoes with the choicest meat

Leave the metaphors on the cerebral shelf

and keep your heaving similes  to yourself.


© Dave Kavanagh @



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