Least the living kills you.

Cover your ears, least the singing birds assaults them.

Beware the light of the setting sun.

Watch the splash of warm surf not soak you,

cloth is dear my friend, when all is said and done.


Turn away least the wind light up your cheeks

Turn your back to the raging foam

Don’t venture on the road least travelled,

don’t venture far from your own safe home.


Stay ever in the dullness and the shade

Avoid the sunlight least it burn your skin

Don’t eat the succulents set before you,

remain for ever tall and lank and thin.


Don’t lift the glass to your dry lips,

don’t give in, don’t you take another sip.

Stay ever sober and staid my friend.

while others falter, you will keep your grip.


Don’t live my friend, least the living kills you,

stay safe in the refuge of your distain

Don’t listen to a word that I have spoken,

live now, for you will never live again


© Dave Kavanagh @ daithiocaomanaigh.com


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