Don’t speak to me of god


Don’t speak to me of god,

when I see none such in your life.

Or moral preaching sir,

when you’re devoid of empathic light.


Nor piety sir,

when pious you are not.

For piety is hard earned,

not served up cold then hot.


Don’t talk of generosity

or the many gifts you’ve given,

it’s all false sir

when from charity, glory is then riven.


Don’t flaunt your faithful heart

in the nave or chapel doors.

The faith and chastity you claim sir

you practiced among whores


Don’t tell the poor that they are blessed

and closer then to god.

For that god is but a dream sir

what’s real is mean and cruelly hard.


Don’t claim any part of love sir

when you trail hatred on your hem.

The love of the christian Christ perished

with that son of Bethlehem


Nor any tolerance have you sir

for the poor, the rude or meek,

when from Monday to Saturday

you exploit the lowly and the weak


Don’t lecture me on life sir

when you have lived a lie.

I will not live as you sir

I would rather sicken then and die


So defame me from your altars

Where you sacrifice unleavened bread and wine

While real men offer life and blood

To serve the earth. Not the divine.


So don’t talk to me of god sir

Or a church divine and whole.

For I have seen the face of God sir

and to him I trust my Soul.


Spirituality before the religions of war and hurt

© Dave Kavanagh @



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