Going Back

I’m going back to the beginning
Looking for the ragged waif
Who never warned me of the misery to come.

I’m going back to steal his dreams
Blow the smoke out of his eyes
To rip down then his moon and shining sun

I’m going back to pierce his lying heart
To plunge my dagger their
To kill the dreaming fool who set me on this path

I’m going to strip him of his love
Pull the light and roses from his eyes
Show him the hate and horror of my past

I’m going back to quell his rise
To spread ignorance in his wake
To leave him crazy mumbling and cold

To suck away his knowledge
Reach deep inside his wondrous mind
And plant there the heinous lies that I was sold

I’m going to trample down his house
Destroy his temple and his faith
Leave him stripped to only flesh and bone

I’m going back to find his spirit
Rip it screaming from his hands
I’m going to leave him bereft and alone

I’m going to find that scoundrel
That sold me this mess of life
I’m going to face down that wretched boy

I’m going to hunt the liar down
Who ruined my living years
To kill that dreaming wastrel that was I

© Dave Kavanagh @ daithiocaomanaigh.com

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