Eulogy for a dying day.

One more blank page, and a sigh
On which to tell the story, then to die
Another new beginning. Not required
One more chance for glory. Undesired

Another waking to yet another day
To watch life and living as they march away
And wish in vain to stop the flow of time
To cease and reverse the meter of the rhyme.

Pull all the marked off calendars from the wall
Set back the clocks in every room and hall
To stop the moon from rising on the ending day
So time would move then in another way

To push the sun out off the western way
And send her back into the dying day
To set again in the burning east
So save that day to live again at least.

For what joy is there in marking off a day
What joy in time then flown away
To glory in the rising of the moon
To honour a day now lived and gone to soon.

© Dave Kavanagh @

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