The Sea Loves

The sea she never loved the moon
But rather she  adored the shore
And the moon in agony of love
Illuminates his unrequited darlings paramour.

Looking down on golden sand
He sees her twice daily steal a kiss
And spread here lace lined wavelet
Along his length in lovers bliss

So from cockolded angry spite
He drags her back across the sand
And breaks twice a day their lovers tryst
As he pulling her away from the straining land

But her breath comes beating faster
And she draws fervent and uncontained
Rushing madly towards her lover
From the moon who trys to keep her chained.

So the three remain locked in love
An agonising three way pact
As she rushes to her love the shore
The waxing moon drags her ever back

Her lovers heart is torn by two
Suitors argue hard and unabated
And the sea remains ever locked between
Land loved and moon  unsated

© Dave Kavanagh @

4 thoughts on “The Sea Loves

  1. Absolutely breathtaking. I have written of the moon’s love for the sea but have never considered the sea’s love for the shore. Thank you for the new perspective … in such a beautiful poem.


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