Seven Gifts

When you were born.
I fell my son
So helplessly
In love
I wanted then
The best of things
To give you
A treasure throve.

So I traveled far
Beyond our lands
In search of gems
And priceless treasure
The gifts of splendour
I would bestow
So you would have a life
Of livings pleasure

The first gifts I found
Where horizons see
Only sands for
Mile on mile
A strong back
And a hearty laugh
To work hard and yet
Be happy in your toil

I uncovered next
The second gem
Good eye and heart to
love and well admire
So find true love
And return it too
With this gift
Of passionate lovers fire

The third I won
With barter hard
Two blessings I bestow
Soul of an artist
To create
And hand to shape
Your dream
Of living bliss

The final gift
Was hardest won
For life is not so
Easily coined
But heart
To love yours
As I love you
Was what I set to find

I searched then
The world
And searched in vain
To find you
Such a heart my son
So to insure you joy
I’ll give you mine
It loves well enough for two.

© Dave Kavanagh @

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