Social Media.

The world collapses and we post clever words.
From shrinking reserves we tweet snaps of caged birds
Write status updates hip and cool
As children shoot children dead at school
We poison reservoirs and dams
And post cute snaps on Instagram.

Friends that we have never met
But regard as important yet
They share our pics and pretty lies
As all around our planet dies
We share our worries and our woes
In slick memes and cool logos
We voice our earnest concerns 
As if our voice and updates earn
A right to help from those who share
But truth is “friend” your “friends” don’t care

So you do it all to no damn avail
As another generation fails.
We fail to see and act in time
We fail to engage with our world offline
We fail to worry and fail to care
But still pretend as we like and share
That we are responsible people of the net
We’re not the answer. 

DAMN. We are the threat.

© Dave Kavanagh @

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